Training at Castlerock Equestrian

Horses in training at Castlerock Equestrian will have a training program customized by Aida and the owner.  Aida will create a program that will accommodate the owners’ schedule for both training rides and lessons.  In the case of a horse in rehab, Aida will be in constant contact with a veterinarian in order to assure a quick and effective recovery program.

Our barn is equipped with two overhead heated wash stalls with hot and cold water year round.  There are several separate cross-tie areas for boarders and lessons to take up and groom their horses.  We have a dressage arena, a grass jumping arena, and a covered arena with lights so there can be riding at all hours of the day and in various weather conditions.  There are also several acres for trail riding available.

Horses and ponies are groomed daily and are on a routine turnout schedule 7 days a week.  Our large and well-maintained pastures allow the horses to have plenty of space to graze and relax.  Horses are blanketed in the winter and they are fly sprayed and blanketed with flysheets in the summer when needed.  Each horse will be on a customized feed plan that will fit his or her dietary needs.  All supplements are to be provided by the owner.  After a veterinary consultation, horses will be provided their appropriate medications when needed 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.