Training and Sales

Horses in training with Aida will have a training program customized and tailored to each specific horse rider combination in order to reach maximum potential at the top level of the sport.  Aida will create a program that will accommodate the owners’ schedule for both training rides and lessons.  In the case of a horse in rehab, Aida will be in constant contact with a veterinarian in order to insure a quick and effective recovery program.

Aida has had a number of riders compete at the top level of the sport including Mclay Finals, Dover Medal Finals, THIS finals, Junior Hunter Finals, Devon, and Washington international Horse Show to list a few. She aims to cater to riders that are seeking success in the show ring from the Children’s and Adult Hunters to the Child/Adult and Junior/Amateur Jumpers as well as the equitation.

Aida is also open to horses in training as well as sale board.  She enjoys seeing horses and riders work well as a team. Therefore, she is open to ensuring that her customers have a suitable team mate and is well equipped to assist in trade-ins and/or sales in order to make sure that customers are properly mounted.